februar 2017

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR


Fashion photographer Stefan Dongus made LINDBERG eyewear the corner stone of his latest spread "alter ego" in the international eyewear fashion magasine SPECTR.

"For this issue's cover production, we kind of went overboard - with mirrors and reflections and all - especially considering that we only needed four images after al. But since we had already set up the entire photo shoot, why not make use of it for some more pics? In search of proper line of eyewear to display in this moody setting, the latest creative offering from designer label LINDBERG proved the perfect match. Every season, the Danish eyewear mainstay turns heads with new, forward-looking ideas at all the eyewear tradeshows. Plus, we had just received a top secret preview of their 2017 offering - and the frames were real beauties. With their understated, sleek form language and LIINDBERGs signature reduced-to-the-max designs, they fit our photo shoot art style like hand in glove. Which one is your alter ego?"


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTRReflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTRReflect on your alter ego with SPECTRReflect on your alter ego with SPECTRReflect on your alter ego with SPECTRReflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

september 2019

Red Dot design award – sun titanium

1909 News Awards Top

Our design team is always pushing the limits of eyewear with new ideas and innovative technical solutions. That is why we are very proud to receive the prestigious Red Dot award in the category Product Design for the models 8321 and 8324 from the LINDBERG sun titanium collection


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

model 8321 colour C21/K190/GT-SL64


The models are a fresh perspective on fashion sunglasses with the unique combination of ultra-thin acetate inner rims and oversized frames. They are inspired by classic eyewear shapes made with a high level of technical ability. The unique mix of materials and forms allows various possible combinations, where transparent elements can create the visual effect of lenses seemingly floating within the frame.


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

model 8324 colour C08/K225M/P10-SL41

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR


The award brings our total of international design awards to 98.

Find the sunglasses at your local LINDBERG sun dealer

august 2019

A London Local – Bola

1908 News Bola Top
All images shot by Oliver Hooson in the London Borough, Hackney. 


London is known as a sprawling metropolis, filled with big attractions and hidden gems. We met up with model and menswear enthusiast Bola Odusina for a talk about style, sights and the magnificent city.


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

model Morten colour PGT


What makes London special?

There's always something cool to see and do, a different energy and style in each corner. It truly is a melting pot of cultures. But since the city has so much to offer, it can be a little overwhelming. There are so many unique spots from the more established venues to the independent stores, restaurants and coffee shops.


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

model Morten colour PU9


What places would you recommend?

Monocle café is always nice for a quick bite and a great cup of coffee. If you’re looking for a great view then Sky Garden is a really underrated place, it's a nice spot to catch up with friends while taking in the incredible view of London. If you’re hungry East London has a great selection of trendy restaurants, however I would also recommend the Mayfair/Knightsbridge area for fine dining.


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

model Morten colour PGT



If you’re in the mood for shopping, you will find a lot of good stores in Chiltern street like Sunspel, Hamilton & Hare and Trunkiers, but a visit to Dover street market is also worth it. Their mix of high-end pieces and streetwear, all in the same building, is exquisite.


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

model Morten colour PGT


How would you describe your personal style?

I’m a menswear enthusiast with a penchant for well-made, premium goods.
I would describe my style as minimalistic with a emphasizes on the right fabrics, muted colours and clean lines. There are certain items I can’t live without, like: white sneakers, a white t-shirt and a nice wool suit.


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

model Freddie colour U9/K223


How do you feel LINDBERG fits into your personal style?

I live by the slogan: buy less, choose well and make it last. I feel like LINDBERGs titanium frames fit that mantra perfectly, with their durability and timeless design.


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

model Freddie colour U9/K228



Bola is wearing selected pieces from the air rim titanium collection. Read more about the collection here.

november 2018

LINDBERG wins the ‘Lifestyle and Fashion’ German Design Award 2019


LINDBERG has been awarded the German Design Award. We are thrilled to now receive 95 awards in our line-up – each accomplished for our premium array of minimalist and lightweight frames.

The winner of this year’s ‘Lifestyle and Fashion’ category is our elegant, LINDBERG sun titanium 8415, which has

truly represented pioneering contributions to the German and international design landscape.

– German Design Award Jury


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

Light, sturdy and individual the LINDBERG sun titanium 8415 sunglasses are instantly recognisable in form and style that suggests a cat eye shape. Alabaster white melds with golden brushed titanium seemingly harking back to an earlier Hollywood era and appears to suffuse the glasses with a similar star quality.

– German Design Award Jury

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

oktober 2018

Godfrey Gao is the quintessential gentleman in Wallpaper* China


Channelling the best of design, interiors, architecture and art to global masses, Wallpaper* China published a dreamy spread of Taiwanese-Canadian Actor, Godfrey Gao.

In the series of photographs where Godfrey Gao embraces luxury and comfort, LINDBERG’s frames are featured with high living apparel.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

Godfrey Gao has the ability to convey subtle emotion, highlighted with LINDBERG eyewear. The actor’s appearance is not over-taken by the frames, though delicately compliments his facial features with LINDBERG’s mindset – ridding of all things unnecessary – screws, rivets and wields, and therefore revolutionising minimalistic and lightweight eyewear.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR



A close-up of MøF titanium makes the scene with attributes of style and sense, combined into one frame. Gao wears the practical frame which adopts the multifunctional eyewear concept of the interchangeable lens and inner-rim system – a frame so functional that it’s suitable for any environment without losing the sense of style and refinement.


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

Gao’s perception of his style is comfortable and classic, the essence of the quintessential gentleman’s aesthetic. These characteristics are undoubtedly the epitome of LINDBERG’s fashion and design traits, by always putting the end-user first in the product design process with the custom of presenting simplicity and exemplary elegance.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

september 2018

Seasons may change. Stay true.


Every year seasons change. And as a result, so do our mood and desires. Currently we witness our beloved white summer nights fade away, leaving us Danes crave for cosy woollen sweaters, denser colours and layered fabrics. However, our glasses must remain lightweight and effortless.


as seen in SPECTR Magazine
Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

Every year we innovate. A constant quest for perfection compels mankind to always push the boundaries of what is possible to engineer. Whichever technical breakthrough we currently take pride in demonstrating, our eyewear will always embody our minimalist mindset and loathe of material redundancy.


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR


Every year trends re-emerge. We know from experience this will happen again and again and still we relish in the joy of anticipation as to what will trend next season on the fashion scene. Will we revel in romantic 50's ruffles, will we groove in 70’s geometric patterns? Or will we bang out a retake on an 80’s hairstyle? Whichever trend we choose to embrace this season, our eyewear must be able to complement our style preference as well as our individual features.


as seen in DANSK MagazineReflect on your alter ego with SPECTR


Seasons may change. Stay true.
august 2018

Constructing colours


LINDBERG is all about creating personal eyewear experiences – especially when it comes to colours. Endless options and combinations allow you to customise your very own colour universe matching your individual style.

Our current window visuals epitomises just this. In a mosaic of contrasting and complementary coloured squares, it is up to the viewer to create shapes and patterns.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

The mosaic art form is as timeless as the LINDBERG frame. It reaches back in time to ancient Mesopotamian glass tile decorations where multiple pieces are united to form a whole – just as the LINDBERG building system.

Perception of the mosaic art form is all in the eyes of the beholder. Our interpretation of mosaics connotes a grid of pixels and draws parallels to our modern-day digital age as a reminder to stay in transition.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

Delicately tinted acrylic displays add yet another dimension to the colour formation and encourage curiosity. The combination and overlay of displays bring out new nuances, which are underlined as the colours engage with daylight.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

Light, yet colourful as ever, these visuals inspire classic LINDBERG customisation. We invite you to make it your own.


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

LINDBERG titanium colour scale

juni 2018

LINDBERG in a different light


Exploring new paths is one of the ways we nurture the creative process at LINDBERG. We take pride in doing all things in-house, yet also gravitate towards seeing LINDBERG in a different light.

In the latest edition of international eyewear magazine, Spectr, photographer, Bela Raba has captured the subtlety of layers of two recent additions to our sun titanium collection.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

8415 col. P60/K190

In a series of photos where the architectural environment and reflections of natural light play dominant elements, the aesthetic attention to delicate details and soft tones are echoed fittingly to the frames featured.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

8401 col. GT/K177-GT and 8415 col. P60/K190


photos: SPECTR MAGAZINE / Bela Raba @spectrmagazine

Comparable aspects are portrayed through one of LINDBERG’s in-house photographers as he took our frames to distant skies. By using the sun titanium frames as the underlying essence, the unique characteristics were emphasized from nature’s elements.

The photos speak for themselves as they each highlight distinctive LINDBERG features.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

8410 col. P60/K245

The colour scheme of this sun titanium is complimented through the radiant, polished titanium and the way the environment is reflected in the lens. The smoky hue of the acetate side shields and clarity of the gradient lenses are also magnified in this setting.  

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

8412 col.PU9/K223

The trademark lightness of LINDBERG sun titanium is indicated through the faint placement of the frame in its raw surroundings.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

8310 col. D16/10

juni 2018

LINDBERG lookbook 2018-2


Take a glimpse at our new lookbook for 2018, presenting tone-on-tone variations and tastefully bold designs – customisable for premium personalisation.

Featuring refreshing hues and distinctive shapes, this new edition of our lookbook is all about leaving a colourful yet minimalistic impression with eyewear styles versatile for whatever comes your way.

juni 2018

Jessica Alba flying under the radar in LINDBERG sun titanium


On her way to Paris leaving LAX, Jessica Alba was seemingly aiming to fly under the radar in our oversize cateye frame from the sun titanium collection


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR


The American actress known from TV series Dark Angel and blockbusters Sin City and Fantastic Four, has also recently started a line of beauty products under the label The Honest Company, which she is promoting in Paris these days. 

Jessica wears LINDBERG sun titanium 8312 in colour C01/PU9. 

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

Follow Jessica at @jessicaalba.

mai 2018

The story of LINDBERG acetanium


In the pursuit of perfection, LINDBERG has worked with acetate eyewear frames for more than a decade, trying to solve the challenge we all know to be real: getting a personalised fit from a rigid material.

We don’t like to compromise with comfort, so while acetate frames have been around long before, we wanted to make sure that our design held true to our DNA: a perfectly fitted frame with all those ingenious adjustment options, that makes LINDBERG, LINDBERG.

By integrating our trademark material – flexible and strong titanium – with the lightest acetate, the distinctive acetanium collection was born.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

The reinforcement of the nose bridge makes it possible to match any curvature of the lens, and elongates into the LINDBERG nose pads, which means these acetate frames won’t slide down your nose.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

Titanium temples available in various lengths help hold the frame perfectly in place, and because of an advanced mounting technique, also allow non-visible adjustment of the temple inclination.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

Just as titanium, acetate is a natural material composed by a concentration of more than 80% cotton fibers in a complex mix with wood pulp. This makes LINDBERG acetanium hypoallergenic and very skin-friendly.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

Because of the texture and nature of acetate, it offers an incredible array of shapes and depth of colours, which come into their own when they are hand-finished in five polishing stages by our skilled craftsmen.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

In recent years, the combination of acetate and titanium has entered several LINDBERG collections, and in our quest for innovation and improvement in terms of function, form and fashion, we are developing new synergetic connections between the two materials.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

See acetanium for men and women, or check strip titanium 9700 men/women and 9900 men/women

april 2018

Step inside a LINDBERG universe


In our commitment to minimalist Danish design, we don’t stop at customisable eyewear.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

Coming in to select your next favourite pair of glasses should leave an impression of luxury from beginning to end, which is why long ago, we decided to start designing and manufacturing our own interior solutions.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

We believe that design, most fundamentally, is about making things better. Originating from an architect’s mindset, it was only a matter of time before the meticulous attention to detail emerged into the sphere of interiors.

The no-compromise attitude permeates LINDBERG in every aspect. As our CEO, Henrik Lindberg, always says:

 “If you want to do something, do it 100%. And do as much as possible yourself, so you can commit to every detail.”

Consequently, as LINDBERG developed, he quickly realised that using an external supplier for the customised solutions we wanted to create wasn’t viable, so instead of having a cabinet maker as a partner, we asked them to become our colleagues. 

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

The aesthetic perspective of LINDBERG interior design solutions is a commitment to materials on a level that matches our choices for materials used in our eyewear collections. Tactile materials such as solid oak and browned steel are key elements, along with various aluminum pieces, and glass and leather details.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

We aim for the most natural, neutral, and nearly simplistic expression. That way, we make sure that the minimalist eyewear designs displayed, always stand out.

 Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

The final touch is decorative lighting, which, with a carefully chosen intensity, resembles natural daylight, to give you the best circumstances to check out the colour of your next LINDBERG specs.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

Nothing is left to chance in our pursuit of quality, and this is just another example of how we will go to great lengths to keep all processes in-house – from design to development to manufacture. That’s our obsession with perfection.


april 2018

Advanced LINDBERG technology is in the groove


Customisation has always been a part of the LINDBERG DNA. Since the very beginning, we have focused on making eyewear that is as individual as the wearer, and groove colours are but one great example of how a unique LINDBERG look can be achieved.

Colouring the groove of the lens makes a big difference no matter what colour you go for, or which frame you choose.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

LINDBERG 2197 col. 70 with and without GC92

The extremely light and invisible feel of a rimless frame becomes slightly more visible, and with the many new playful shapes added to our collection recently, the groove colour feature truly comes into its own.



Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

LINDBERG 2334 col. 10/P80/GC86

No matter if the groove matches the temples, compliments the frame or acts as a contrast, it always adds that little something extra. Even going for the clear colour gives your eyewear a more polished finish and a softer integration between the frame and the lens, while choosing a neutral colour in a clear frame completely changes the perception of its features.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

LINDBERG 9731 col. K228/10/GC7

Building on more than 20 years of experience, LINDBERG has developed a technique, which makes it possible for skilled opticians to lay the colour perfectly smooth in the groove. It requires a steady hand and a great feel for the material, to make sure the result is flawless.



The choice of colours and composition of the material have been finely adjusted through the years to give the best results. The palet of colours include metallic shades, which play well against our similar titanium options, and natural tones accentuating the complexion of the wearer.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR 

LINDBERG 9729 col. K229/GT/GC69


Integrating this little extra something in your custom designed LINDBERGs, the combinations are virtually endless. So, what colour is your groove?


märz 2018

Voicer speaks the language of LINDBERG


LINDBERG sun titanium 8202 col. P70 / col. P20 / col. 80

Creative studio and online based life style magazine, VOICER, shows beautiful interpretations of LINDBERG.

In a series of photos created with photographer Sam Zhu, the combinations of materials, delicate lines and vibrant colours are illustrated in creative compositions.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

LINDBERG strip titanium 9831 col. K137/25

About the relationship between wearer and a LINDBERG frame, Voicer describes it as a secret code established in a shared understanding for how function meets the aesthetic.

"Only those who respect design, who pay great attention to detail and experience, will be excited ..."

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

LINDBERG strip3p titanium 2333 col. U9

Out of the many new styles introduced to the LINDBERG collection recently, Voicer particularly emphasises the models combining titanium and acetate with careful precision, ultra-fine, screwfree connections and subtle proportions.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

LINDBERG sun titanium 8415 col. K190/P60

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

LINDBERG strip titanium 9732 col. K157/80

photo: Voicer x Sam Zhu


februar 2018

Cubic colour combinations in the new LINDBERG campaign


Our new visual merchandising campaign is now being launched at selected LINDBERG dealers across the globe.

Inspired by the art movement neo-plasticism, which dates back 100 years, we have designed a campaign with a classic LINDBERG touch. 

Altering the primary colours and using them in a variety of dimensions, the asymmetrical horizontal and vertical lines become apparent. The design allows ultimate customisation in the composition of elements, as each square is designed to connect with the others across their physical boundaries. A concept also recognised in our eyewear designs where any frame can be constructed with different components in different colours.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

The combination of various geometric shapes that are just as characterised by what is not there; the gaps between them, resembles an effect also seen in the design of many of our newest models where cut-outs are a distinct feature. 


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

The result catches the eye at a distance as well as up close where details of different textures and materials appear.

Have you spotted the new LINDBERG campaign yet?


februar 2018

LINDBERG is Yours Forever in DANSK magazine


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

LINDBERG air titanium rim Raymond col. P10/K24
Design: Dissing+Weitling /LINDBERG · Patented


We're excited to be featured in DANSK magazine's photo series "Yours Forever". This time around, the fashion-forward magazine takes us back in time styling contemporary designs with a spur of nostalgia.


LINDBERGs classic aviator shapes suit the scene just right, exemplifying the vast selection of styles, shapes and colours available in our range of luxury eyewear. 


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

LINDBERG n.o.w. titanium 6547 col. C01/GT



See more air titanium rim and n.o.w. titanium


februar 2018

Camila Cabello shining in LINDBERG


Spotted during the 60th Grammy Awards show, Camila Cabello stepped in to the spotlight wearing her LINDBERG spirit titanium 2262. 


Quality conscious Cabello is currently the 12th most streamed artist on Spotify, particularly known for her global hit "Havana". Choosing one of our lightest frames ever, the rimless design provides optimal line of vision and extreme comfort in any situation – even on stage in NYC in front of thousands of viewers. 

See more spirit titanium

januar 2018

Sting rocks LINDBERG


Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner – better known as Sting – casually rocks a pair of round LINDBERG acetanium in a classic tortoise havana shade. 


Sting, who is an English musician, singer, songwriter and actor, also played his part as lead singer and bassist in hit band The Police, as they led the way for 80's music.

Keep an eye on Sting on Instagram @theofficialsting or at sting.com.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR 

Sting wears LINDBERG acetanium 1014 in colour K25/10

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januar 2018

Spectr White Out in iss. #22


Spectr Magazine shines a light on LINDBERG træ+buffalo titanium in their 22nd issue.

LINDBERG once again lives up to the brand's reputation as an innovator in the eyewear segment. 


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

1828 col. WD13 + 1828 col. WB11


In a series of photos named White Out, Spectr lets the luxurious frames composed of natural buffalo horn and exquisite fine wood stand out in the pale white, nude palette of colours in the shoot. 

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

1835 col. WB11 + 1835 col. WA15


No two pairs in the collection are entirely alike, making this a truly unique take on premium eyewear executed with premium craftsmanship.

 Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

1833 col. WE17


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

1833 col. WE17

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

1818 col. WA15 + 1823 col. WD13

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

1814 col. unique


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

1831 col. WB11

See more træ+buffalo titanium for women or men

Photo: Spectr Magazine / Stefan Dongus 


januar 2018

IDEAT brings LINDBERG to the office


Step through the holiday haze and get back to work. In their December issue, IDEAT magazine China provides inspiration for your office look.


Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

air titanium rim cameron col. PGT/K25M

Setting the stage in the place where most of us spend most of our time, IDEAT’s photoshoot “When we work together” puts an experimental spin on the work scenarios we take part in playing out every day.

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR

air titanium rim cameron col. U13/K25M

Follow the lead to give an edge to your office by matching and mismatching fashion and design pieces, and top it off with a statement by adding LINDBERG to the mix.


Design: Dissing+Weitling / LINDBERG · Patented
dezember 2017

Handpicked LINDBERG in How To Spend It magazine's December eclectibles


On December 2nd, in Financial Times' How To Spend It Magazine, you could get inspired for devilicious Christmas presents with "Eclectibles" on page 24.



Amongst the handpicked, exclusive ideas to put under the tree this year, were LINDBERG træ+buffalo titanium 1823. Now you know what to get your special someone, or maybe just how to treat yourself for the holidays.

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