the LINDBERG building system

At LINDBERG we are renowned for our culture of innovation. The company itself is founded on a revolutionary eyewear concept – we call it the LINDBERG building system

The concept is first and foremost about giving you the freedom to create your perfect pair of personalised glasses. At the heart of this personalisation is customisation – giving you more than one billion different configurations for your next pair of LINDBERG glasses.

The customisable elements are many and varied, with your own choice of colour, size, temple length, nose pads and more. Each piece is a product of great knowhow and craftsmanship.

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Gillian/basic – PGT/K260
Gillian – P10/K223

Gillian – 10/K25

Gillian – 10/K25

Gillian – PGT/K260

Gillian – PGT/K260

Gillian – P10/K223

Gillian – P10/K223

Gillian – 10/K25

Gillian – PGT/K260

Gillian – P10/K223

colourful combinations

Be creative with a wide selection of colours. Colour each element to your liking.

silk matt


Dakota – 10

touch your favourite colour

9751/419 – P10/K199/GC82

9751/419 – P10/K199/GC82

9751/419 – U15/K223/GC00

9751/419 – U15/K223/GC00

9751/419 – PU9/K117/GC00

9751/419 – PU9/K117/GC00

9751 – P10/K199/GC82

9751 – U15/K223/GC00

9751 – PU9/K117/GC00

groove colours

Adding groove colour is a great way to bring out the shape of your rimless glasses or to give extra detail to your frame of choice. Create exciting contrasts or go for a tone-on-tone look, the possibilities are virtually endless when you combine groove colours with the other elements of our building system.


LINDBERG temples come in a wide selection of minimalistic shapes and sizes. From the thin titanium wire of the spirit and rim collection to the more visible titanium plate of the strip titanium and acetanium collections – all have one thing in common: customisation.

Design, colour, cover and length can all be changed and put together in new ways, to create a pair of glasses that is 100% LINDBERG and 100% you.

Add even more colour to your LINDBERG glasses with elegant temple covers.






fitting perfectly

The perfect fit takes hard work, that is why we have spent years developing nose pads, bridges and temples that provide a remarkable level of comfort.

nose pads

No two noses are alike so why should nose pads be one-size-fits-all? We have spent years developing a wide array of nose pads using medical grade silicone and acrylic to combat both allergies and discomfort. All our eyewear is equipped with highly adjustable nose pad arms which ensures the right fit for any face.

2446 Photo of LINDBERG shop interior 9637 - U9

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