november 2017

Our colourful city, Aarhus #2/4: ARoS Art Museum


We believe seeing things in a different light is beneficial to creativity and good for the soul. What better way, than to view the city in full panorama through all the colours of the rainbow?

In this second episode of the #OurAarhus series, we present to you:

ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

Inaugurated in 2004 as Aarhus Art Musuem’s 4th location since 1859, ARoS is designed by world-renowned Aarhus architects, Schmidt Hammer Lassen.

On top of the immense quadratic construction, a floating rainbow skywalk acts as a beacon to people out and about in the city. Inviting visitors to see the city in any nuance imaginable, Your Rainbow Panorama presents us with a choice to make any day more colourful - just like the choice of endless colour options titanium gives to your LINDBERG frame.


LINDBERG strip titanium 9553, col. 127


 Ólafur Elíasson, the Danish-Icelandic artist behind Your Rainbow Panorama


Unlike the solid, yet simple red brick and glass exterior, the interior of the museum, with its bright white colours, allows light to be reflected through all ten levels of the construction. Sweeping round curves accentuate each storey, which are all connected by the softly inclining, spiralling staircase.

ARoS, the viking word for Aarhus, also alludes to the Latin word ars, which translates to art, thereby underscoring ARoS as a work of art inside out. Another great draw of the museum’s collection is Boy, a 4.5 metres tall glass fibre sculpture of a young, crouching boy. The remarkable attention to detail, such as the surface of the skin and the depth of the eyes almost brings the boy to life. if it wasn’t for the gargantuan proportions one could be led to think the boy was real.  



 Photo courtesy of ARoS Aarhus Art Museum
november 2017

Our city, Aarhus #1/4: City Hall, a timeless centrepiece in Danish architecture and design

Inspiration comes from many places, and our city is but one of many sources in our creative processes. Where you come from is deeply rooted in who you are, and we are proud to say that LINDBERG comes from Aarhus. A city of modern architecture with a classic touch.

In this first episode of the #OurAarhus series, we present to you:
Aarhus City Hall.

Conceived in 1937 by Danish design icons, architects Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller, and furnished by the infamous Danish furniture designer, Hans J. Wegner, the City Hall of Aarhus is a true trademark of Danish design tradition and Aarhus as a city.

Marked for preservation in 1994, Aarhus City Hall is a timeless classic, inspired by quality, minimalism, aesthetics and functionality – just as we are at LINDBERG

Originally thought as an extremely minimalistic, unadorned concrete building with flat roofing, insistent requests from local politicians and the public to make the building more pompous, made the architects adapt the design. Roofs were elevated, the façade was beautified, and a 60-meter tower was added to the plan, resulting in City Hall as it stands today. A testimony to the origin of Danish design.

The exterior is clad with Norwegian marble and green verdigris copper, at times making the building blend in with the white skies and shades of bright blue and grey. Inside, herringbone parquet floors made of rare Danish marshland oak in combination with light beech walls and panels gives a luscious and luxurious impression, topped off with polished brass banisters.


The 60-meter tower includes a 43-piece carillon, which was recently renovated for the occasion of Aarhus European Capital of Culture 2017. Three times a day an ancient medieval melody chimes through the surrounding areas reminding passers-by of the city's understated, modernist hallmark.

october 2017

Please welcome to our showroom: LINDBERG strip3p titanium


We are pleased to introduce you to one of the newer members in our LINDBERG family: LINDBERG strip3p titanium. A fresh take on our rimless eyewear combining the light look and feel with bolder titanium temples. 

No rivets, no screws, no solderings. Just 3 titanium pieces: LINDBERG strip3p titanium. 

See more features in our new showroom.

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october 2017

Ryan Gosling has an eye for detail in LINDBERG

For the opening night of Saturday Night Live's 43rd season, Ryan Gosling hosted the famous US based show, attracting viewers from all over the world. 

As usual, a solid line-up of sketches lit up the show and fired up the crowd. One of them starred Mr. Gosling himself casually wearing a classic pair of LINDBERG air titanium rim.

In the sketch, Gosling goes nuts over the lack of consideration for aesthetics in the art work for world-wide blockbuster movie, Avatar. Cracking up audiences, Mr. Gosling certainly shows an eye and care for detail, which we at LINDBERG can relate to. 

Soon starring in the new Blade Runner 2049 movie, let's hope we soon get to see much more of Ryan Gosling in LINDBERG, because what a pair the two make. 

See the full sketch

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october 2017

Swedish magazine "Sköna Hem" desires LINDBERG


In the October issue of Sweden's biggest interior design magazine, Sköna Hem, editor Li Winter shares her desires for fall: "Fashionable and functional" LINDBERG air titanium rim. 

Bringing the minimalistic LINDBERG classic into a more romantic sphere, Sköna Hem accentuates the true versatility of air titanium rim.

 victoria · colour 60, K143M 
 Design: Dissing+Weitling / LINDBERG · Patented


Whether it is combined with a flowery and flowing look or a sleek, clear cut style, this frame is timelessly elegant with its endless opportunities for customisation. 

christoffer · colour P70
 Design: Dissing+Weitling / LINDBERG · Patented


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october 2017

Commemorating 150 years of Japanese and Danish relations


Last week, Their Royal Highnesses, the Danish Crown Prince Couple, visited Tokyo to mark the 150th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Denmark. On the first day of their visit, the Crown Prince Couple joined an ECCO Walkathon, where the Crown Prince sported LINDBERG eyewear during the 5,7 km walk in support of two Japanese NGOs.

As another part of the royal visit, the Crown Prince Couple lead a Danish business and cultural promotion campaign revolving around the theme: Gateway to the Future. The close relations between Denmark and Japan in both business and culture, is a natural result of a shared passion for quality, innovation and design, which we at LINDBERG consider core characteristics of our identity. 

As the only eyewear brand by Appointment to The Royal Danish Court, LINDBERG took part in the event, and was honoured to welcome H.R.H. Crown Princess Mary for a peek inside the LINDBERG universe.

october 2017

Danish design fever hits the Chinese trendsetters


As “hygge” becomes a global lifestyle, people all over the world start talking about Danish culture and history of design in the pursuit of understanding why Danes are considered the happiest people on earth. Chinese trendsetters are now jumping on board making the Danish design fever reach new distances.


In the famous design magazine, IDEAT, an article titled "Touch the Light of the Fairy Kingdom" showcases the country of Denmark to its readers. Introducing LINDBERG's design concept, the magazine brings the only eyewear brand By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court to readers favouring Danish design.


Lifestyle magazine, THE GOOD LIFE, presents their take on Denmark and how LINDBERG fits into the heritage of Danish design:

LINDBERG advocates minimalistic design and is a good example of fine Danish craftsmanship.”

Visiting the most northern tip of Denmark, Skagen, where the North Sea meets the Baltic, THE GOOD LIFE's journalist had the opportunity to experience why the Danes hold nature so dearly. Conveying "hygge" to their readers, THE GOOD LIFE explains how they not only learned about Danish nature, but also about the nature of Danish design and its philosophy of aesthetics.

october 2017

Selena Gomez goes LINDBERG


Selena Gomez stepped out on the streets of sunny NYC last week. Wearing her bronze LINDBERG sun titanium 8204, she sported a casual cool look with blue jeans and chic red stilettoes.

Needing no introduction, Selena Gomez is topping the Instagram charts with more followers than anyone else world wide – a whopping 127 million. Besides singing her way to the top of the charts she is currently starring in an upcoming Woody Allen project. But Gomez is known for going off the charts on a whole different level – she was the first person to rock the social media world and reach 100 million followers on Instagram. She's our fetish for sure.

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september 2017

Royalty visits LINDBERG in Guangzhou


On the 26th of September, His Royal Highness, Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, visited Guangzhou, China, to celebrate the ongoing 2017 Denmark-China Tourism Year. Seeking to make Denmark a preferred travel destination for Chinese travellers, the event aims to show interesting sides of Denmark from food to lifestyle, and from culture to design. Following 14 prosperous years in the Chinese market, LINDBERG is proud to help promote the continued Danish-Chinese relations.


As the only eyewear brand By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court, we at LINDBERG were honoured to receive His Royal Highness for a peek inside our universe.


september 2017

LINDBERG shines with #59 Magazine at Lake Como


In the 18th issue of #59 Magazine LINDBERG sun titanium 8305 is taken on a grand tour in an Alfa Romeo 6C 2500 SS along the Italian coastline.

"Two icons of design and craftsmanship together at Villa d'Este" were the words from the artsy, niche black and white publication #59 Magazine which covers everything from world affairs to art, politics to music, business to wealth, from icons to rebels.

Embrace the nostalgic chic 50's feel with the glamorous LINDBERG sun titanium 8312 which will leave you feeling like Rita Hayworth or Marilyn Monroe. Or find your inspiration in the Alfa Romeo's sleek curves and take the neat LINDBERG sun titanium 8305 for a spin. Expect heads turned and hearts stopped.

model 8312/802 colour C06/PGT-SL53   ·  model 8305/802 colour C01/PU9-SL02


september 2017

LINDBERG "beauties" in Monocle's Fashion Briefing


In Monocle's September issue, their fashion team has spotted LINDBERG's new take on premium eyewear: træ+buffalo titanium. On page 183 you see three out of LINDBERG's four wood-horn styles available. From above: 1818 olive wood and medium brown buffalo horn, 1828 ebony wood and light brown buffalo, and finally 1823 dark brown buffalo horn and padouk wood. The last and fourth wood-horn option, not pictured here, is smoaked wood and dark brown buffalo horn.

"While purely wooden frames can sit a little heavy, the wood-horn blend means that these beauties are lightweight and flexible."

See more women's styles here and men's styles here

september 2017

Masked ball in Berlin


One of our treasured partners in Berlin, maske & maske, were almost granted the exclusive company of LINDBERG celebrities, Brad Pitt and Meryl Streep last week. Though they didn’t show up in person, professional dancers embodied their characters wearing masks, and helped make the grand opening of the brand new optical store, maske & maske, tiergarten unforgettable.

This is maske & maske’s second optical store and it is quite fittingly situated in Berlin’s up-and-coming pulsating Art Street, Potsdamer Strasse. With LINDBERG Interior Design it brings the neat and sleek LINDBERG philosophy to the design-savy and fashion-forward Berliner crowd.

To congratulate the owners, Birgit and Georg Maske, on the beautiful optical store, LINDBERG CEO Henrik Lindberg and his wife Tina proudly attended the celebrations along with the Danish ambassador Friis Arne Petersen and wife, selected friends, bloggers and press from Berlin.

Photo courtesy of GLUT Berlin
july 2017

LINDBERG sunnies in retro shoot with Wallpaper


Inspired by looking back - and having a "Clear View" of the present - Junior Fashion Editor, Lune Kuipers, masters a retro "Twiggy" fashion look with a modern twist: LINDBERG sunglasses 8401 and a rollneck to get in the "Swing" of things. 

available in 4 different colours
july 2017

Kourtney Kardashian Cannes wear LINDBERG sun


Not only can she wear LINDBERG sun 6550 - she wore it with true French Riviera sixties style, yachting and enjoying the sun in Cannes during the annual Film Festival.


june 2017

Insider WIRED life with LINDBERG


LINDBERG sun 8313 – titanium wired with "transparent edges and mirrored lenses, will ensure the wearer looks their best this summer". In the July/Aug issue of Wired Magazine you can see more insider tips "LINDBERG focuses on stylish, high-quality craftsmanship and luxury design."

LINDBERG sun 8313/802 col. C01/PU9 and col. C06/P60


june 2017

The dimensions of Denmark


Last week we had the pleasure of leading an exclusive press tour to Denmark for Korean, Japanese and Chinese fashion and design magazines. We gave a selected group of top editors a feel, a view and a taste of Denmark. We experienced Danish culture, nature, cuisine and of course our common greatest passion; clever design and high quality materials. All of which are sources of inspiration for the LINDBERG design team, when developing the eyewear designs of tomorrow. 

This was all in pursuit of understanding the Danish mentality, the Danish "hygge" (coziness) and why the Danes are among the happiest people on earth.  

june 2017

LINDBERG joined Danish Royal Visit to Sweden


On the 29th of May the Danish Crown Prince Couple headed a Danish business delegation to Sweden. LINDBERG was amongst the participants. The theme for the export promotion was Livable Scandinavia and included business programs for companies providing solutions and products within healthcare, sustainable cities and modern lifestyle.

The Crown Prince Couple participated in the entire business program and supported the activities of the Danish companies in Sweden. LINDBERG had the pleasure of discussing our Danish eyewear design, handcraft and newest models and initiatives.