Evan – GT

Modern vs. classic. Is there even any common ground between modern functionalism and a classic art such as sculpturing? If you ask KINFOLK magazine the answer is yes. To celebrate the upcoming Slow Art Day in April, KINFOLK visits local Copenhagen museums to explore sculptures – taking a closer and longer look at selected pieces.

2446/616 – 10/U13

It is with art as it is with LINDBERG eyewear, taking your time to examin the details reveal the true craftsmanship that goes into creating something unique. It is only by perfecting the small details that we are able to create such elegant glasses. The colours and lines of our eyewear designs beautifully compliments the classical art of sculpturing. Each enhances the other with their inherent similarities.

6600 – C21/GT

The editorial is a reminder for us all to take the time to appreciate beauty and design and give it the attention it deserves.