19 january 2018

Spectr White Out in iss. #22

Spectr White Out in iss. #22

Spectr Magazine shines a light on LINDBERG træ+buffalo titanium in their 22nd issue.


LINDBERG once again lives up to the brand's reputation as an innovator in the eyewear segment. 





1828 col. WD13 + 1828 col. WB11




In a series of photos named White Out, Spectr lets the luxurious frames composed of natural buffalo horn and exquisite fine wood stand out in the pale white, nude palette of colours in the shoot.





1835 col. WB11 + 1835 col. WA15




No two pairs in the collection are entirely alike, making this a truly unique take on premium eyewear executed with premium craftsmanship.






1833 col. WE17





1833 col. WE17




1818 col. WA15 + 1823 col. WD13




1814 col. unique




1831 col. WB11




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Photo: Spectr Magazine / Stefan Dongus