9629 - PU9

9629 - PU9

9629 - PU9

titanium glasses

Made in Denmark

9629 - PU9   ·   Made in Denmark

LINDBERG titanium

At LINDBERG we always pride ourselves in choosing the right material for our glasses. Titanium is one of the most ingenious natural elements, which possesses unique properties. Titanium is ultra-lightweight, flexible, durable, hypoallergenic, and non-corrosive.

the strengths of titanium


highly flexible

extremely durable




used in aerospace

the story of titanium

titanium colours

The colouring method of a LINDBERG titanium frame is manual and highly specialised, which results in slight colour variations for every frame. LINDBERG titanium frames come in 36 different colours. You can combine colours of front, temples and temple covers to tailor your unique pair of customised LINDBERG frames.

Coco – P85

Coco – P85

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Hinge detail of LINDBERG spirit titanium glasses
Detail of LINDBERG NOW titanium glasses temple

Matt titanium

Polished titanium


Titanium is a natural element with unique qualities. The metal is ultra-lightweight, durable and extremely flexible. These qualities make it possible to adjust your LINDBERG frame to fit your face perfectly.

patented hinge design

You can always tell a LINDBERG frame by the iconic hinge designs. The patented titanium hinges are made with no screws, rivets, or unnecessary elements.

Detail of LINDBERG air titanium rim screwless glasses hinge
Hinge detail of LINDBERG strip titanium 9800 half rim glasses

Cylindrical plate hinge

Spiral wire hinge

Jean – P70/K229

Jean – P70/K229

Jean – P70/K229

Jean – P70/K229

Esben – P10/K228

LINDBERG air titanium rim Model Esben men’s square shape glasses in silver colour P10

William – 10/K250

LINDBERG air titanium rim men’s acetate glasses in model William with silver colour 10 colouring and double bar bridge

Gillian – PGT/K260

LINDBERG air titanium rim model Gillian gold glasses for women

Gillian – 10/K25

LINDBERG air titanium rim with inner acetate Model Gillian in gold colour PGT

Gillian – P10/K223

LINDBERG air titanium rim P10 gold glasses with acetate K223 in women’s model Gillian

Gillian – PGT/K260

LINDBERG air titanium rim acetate gold glasses in Model Gillian P10 K223 for women

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A unique mix of materials – titanium and acetate

9737 – 107/K24M

LINDBERG Strip Model 9737 rounded square glasses in blue titanium

Lex – 10/K25M

LINDBERG air titanium rim round glasses in Model Lex silver colour 10

9853 - U38/K164

9853 - U38/K164

Titanium + buffalo horn

Titanium + wood

titanium sunglasses

Acetate, composite and rimless sunglasses, all custom made and hand-finished for a truly personalised experience. Every frame is made with our signature durable, flexible and ultra-lightweight titanium for a remarkable comfort.Whether you prefer square or round, small or oversized sunglasses, the craftsmanship of LINDBERG ensures that there is a perfect pair of glasses for your unique taste.

8802 - P10/GC00/SL52

8802 - P10/GC00/SL52

8803 - GT/SL68

8803 - GT/SL68

8803 – GT/GC00/SL68

8803 – GT/GC00/SL68

8908 - P70/P85/SL58

8908 - P70/P85/SL58

8908 - P70/P85/SL58

8908 - P70/P85/SL58

8210 – GT/SL82

LINDBERG sun titanium men’s gold square aviator sunglasses in Model 8210 GT with green gradient lenses SL82

8907 – SC101/SL85

LINDBERG women’s square sun titanium sunglasses in gold tone GT with green tinted lenses SL85

8907 – SC94/SL86

LINDBERG sun Model 8907 black titanium sunglasses in a men’s square shape

8906 – showpiece

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8906 sunglasses in green colour

8208 – P10/SL55

LINDBERG sun men’s titanium sunglasses in Model 8208 with blue tint lenses SL55

8209 – P10/SL46

LINDBERG sun titanium women’s aviator glasses in Model 8209 with P10 silver temples

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8802 - P10/SL52 2487 - K189/U9/GC82 Photo of LINDBERG shop interior Gillian - K223/P10

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