The strip3p titanium collection is a fresh take on our rimless options. With a more prominent silhouette thanks to titanium temple pieces borrowed from our existing strip line, and a slightly more substantial nose bridge, these frames are streamlined but hardly invisible

Truly minimalist

2276/30 col. U9/U12

Designed to fit

Featuring the LINDBERG patented screwless hinge and a truly minimalist mounting, the strip3p is light, durable, and completely adjustable to ensure a perfect fit – a LINDBERG design, through and through

temple 425 col. GT/U9

2337 col. 10/U34

2294/30 col. U9/U38

The joy of customisation

Choose between four different nose pad designs to fit your face, all made of skin-friendly medical silicone

With a design stripped clean of any redundancy, the name, strip3p, reflects exactly what it is: three essential titanium pieces.

A front mount technique gives a bold, yet refined expression and allows users with high prescriptions go rimless.

Less is more

2210/30 col. 107/GC 71

2294/30 col. U9/U38

By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court