Ligereza, flexibilidad y adaptabilidad sin comparación, incluso los modelos más grandes se adaptarán perfectamente y se olvidará de que las lleva puestas.

8413/407 col. U9/K243-U9

Our kind of luxury

8604 col. U9/K117-SL49

ligero · flexible
El puente nasal es ajustado por un óptico autorizado para que se adapte a quién lleva la montura

originality and unparalleled quality are our most treasured trademarks

8413/407 col. K243/U9-SL48

8413 col. K223/PU9
4 diseños diferentes de plaquetas nasales, hechas de silicona médica apta para pieles sensibles.
Varillas de tres largos diferentes. Extremidad de las varillas multiajustable para un ajuste perfecto.

customised and comfortable

8405/417 col. U9/K24M/SL04

With countless models that span the spectrum of size, shape, and colour, we can confidently say there's something for every aesthete

8205 col. 10/K25-SL06

We're out to prove that style and substance are not mutually exclusive:

Our minimalist designs are extremely light, comfortable and flexible, and fitted with premium lenses to ensure optimal vision and exceptional glare protection.

Remarkable details

8305/802 col. C01/PU9/SL02

whether you want to make a statement in 

the-bigger-the-better frames or fly under the radar in streamlines aviators, we promise you this:

anything but anonymous

they may not flaunt a logo, but our shades are anything but anonymous

8413/407 col. K25/10-SL33

8602/407 col. K196M/U9/SL06

Proveedor de la Corte Real