april 2017

chicglamstyle.com models "delicious LINDBERG sunglasses"


When we visited Optical Papadiamantopoulos in Kifissia, Greece in January we had the pleasure of meeting influencer, model and creative director, Rachel. One of Rachel's obsessions is sunglasses. With her being nicknamed Ra-Y after the sun - it's also a must to own a pair with every outfit. Rachel has spring fever and on her blog chicglamstyle.com you can see her fashion videos modelling LINDBERG.

8401/409 col. K175/GT

There are a few fashion accessory staples that are must-haves for all fashion gurus. From head to toe, these accessories are absolutely crucial when building any street style wardrobe. There is a cardinal accessory that is too often over-looked; uber chic sunglasses. Every style maven knows never to leave the house without a pair of sunnies to complete the look. Sunglasses are just as crucial as dainty gold rings and the staple Chanel handbag. There is one brand in particular that has delicious sunglasses for all to adorn any outfit with: LINDBERG.

8408/409 col. K192/GT


april 2017

Get ready for "caliente el sol" with Joan Smalls


Summer and sun is just around the corner. Do as Puerto Rican super model Joan Smalls. Pack your LINDBERG sunnies, bikini and find the nearest pool and ray of sun. Joan is wearing LINDBERG sun 8307


Ready set go – and snap away for social media.


march 2017

An eyewear brand with an ingenious concept


A pleasant conversation took place between LINDBERG and Men's Fashion Magazine Esquire Thailand. When Nikolaj Schnoor, Managing Director asia+pacific of LINDBERG, was asked to compare LINDBERG to a person, things got really interesting. "LINDBERG would be a person striving for perfection, a person with a constant drive, a person who aims to be above and beyond all limitations by improving himself every day, and even if it’s only for one or two percent. If you are doing it every day, you will surely see the result." said Nikolaj.

Cameron col. K24/GT
Design: Dissing+Weitling / LINDBERG · Patented


These words explain how LINDBERG works on production, from design to manufacturing, paying much attention to developing excellent materials and finding the best solutions for every single concern about eyewear. The exciting discreet design concept and high quality craftsmanship wins the credit from Esquire as "an eyewear brand with an ingenious concept".





LINDBERG is considered to be one of the world’s leading brands of eyewear, known for its luxurious and specific Danish design, and its “screwless system” selling point. In this interview, Mr. NIKOLAJ SCHNOOR (MANAGING DIRECTOR ASIA+PACIFIC) has revealed to us, along with his own charming gags, the ingenious concept and the wide vision of this eyewear brand.


ESQ:  Will there be any new exciting products coming out soon?

Nikolaj: Of course, I think the excitement of our new collection lies in its timeless elegance. This collection is not affected by changing fashion trends. It’s very important when you offer luxury items, to make sure they stay trendy years after being bought, regardless of time.


ESQ: Where is LINDBERG’s  biggest market?

Nikolaj: America and Germany.  For Asia:  it’s  China, Japan, and Korea. But Thailand also has a good sales volume. I think Thai people love brands with a story to tell and attention to quality, and that has made our brand well known in Thailand. 


ESQ: What’s your market strategy for Thailand?

Nikolaj: We are working closely with our small circle of selected authorized retailers. We only have around eighty authorized retailers spread across Thailand: in Phuket, Chiang Mai, Hua Hin and Bangkok. We basically let our authorized retailers be our specialists. It’s like a tailored suit shop. Our selected opticians know how we think and what concept we have. In addition, we are working together with fashion influencers and magazines, which share our passion for high quality.


ESQ: If LINBERG was a person, what would he be like in terms of character?

Nikolaj: LINDBERG would be a person striving for perfection, a person with a constant drive, a person who aims to be above and beyond  all limitations by improving himself every day, and even it’s only for a one or two percent. If you are doing it every day, you will surely see the result.


ESQ: Do you have a favorite model of eyewear? 

Nikolaj: Nothing in particular. When you are working with glasses every day, you can sometimes get bored. I have been in the business for a long time. So I change my glasses every month, sometimes every 3 weeks, to keep it exciting. Or I change them for special occasions, like an important meeting or a situation that requires a dress-up.

march 2017

LINDBERG in a contrasting avant-garde DANSK fashion shoot


In the latest Spring/Summer fashion shoot for DANSK Magazine LINDBERG n.o.w. 6547 and strip 9724 are in posh company with other chic brands portraying our ever contrasting world which DANSK calls: "Avant-Garde Realism". DANSK plays with the transparent and the more visible look amongst LINDBERG styles as a trademark of the company's lightness and diverse span within the different models. Double bridge is obviously not to miss this season. See more LINDBERG n.o.w and LINDBERG strip 9700

march 2017

Rawbible and LINDBERG – hand in hand about craftmanship


Rawbible – a manifesto for quality, passion and craftsmanship – newly released in Berlin during fashion week shares the same passions as LINDBERG. Therefore, it was a natural match when LINDBERG was asked to be amongst other unique high end brands that endeavour to create value and longevity. 


From its base in a former lathe factory incongruously squeezed into a quiet small-town residential road in tranquil little Denmark, one of the world’s leading eyewear design companies has been shaking up the world of what’s possible with modern glasses. It all started in the early 1980s when optometrist Poul-Jørn Lindberg couldn’t find any lightweight glasses that he liked, so he decided to start developing and making his own, using just titanium wire to hold the lenses in place.

Every LINDBERG frame is a determined statement about aesthetics, technical innovation and impeccable craftsmanship and everything they do is steeped in the Danish design tradition of discreet, classic elegance and carefully engineered simplicity. This balance of fashion and function results in ultra-lightweight frames, customised to fit every face for good looks and maximum comfort. LINDBERG’s design-driven mindset means that they can do more with less. They have taken away the screws, rivets and welds, and pared off every milligram of superfluous weight, resulting in supremely comfortable eyewear designs that sometimes weigh less than 2 grams.

The LINDBERG of today is run by the son, Henrik Lindberg, who trained as an architect, which has rubbed off big time on his way of considering eyewear, and all the processes and details associated with its passage from LINDBERG workshops to the proud new owner. LINDBERG isn’t going to get much bigger – that’s something Henrik Lindberg has made a clear decision about. Instead, they’re all about continuing to do the one, same thing – making amazing eyewear even better. LINDBERG is determined to live up to its basic mantra that if you’re going to do something, it’s worth doing it exceptionally well.

february 2017

Globe Specs awarded Best Store

Yesterday our old friend and loyal LINDBERG retailer, Mr. Okada from the retro-chic eyewear hotspot, Globe Specs in Tokyo was honored "Best Store" at the international eyewear fair, MIDO in Milan.

The BESTORE Award was created by MIDO to honor the optical stores with ideas that shape trends, where originality, innovation and an exciting atmosphere promote a unique shopping experience. 

Original interior design and product display, maximization of client interaction, effective communication and visual merchandising were all taken into account by the international panel of experts, who decided the winner of the prestigious international award for the most innovative and amazing optical store.

february 2017

Optical Papadiamantopoulos, Greece celebrated its 20 year collaboration with LINDBERG


Fashion blogger, Despina Isopoulou, visited Optical Papadiamantopoulos in Kifissia, Greece for the celebration of its 20 year collaboration with LINDBERG. Despina writes on her blog: youstrikemyfancy.com: "a vast variety of its collection for women, men and kids – you will LOVE those, I promise you - is waiting all design junkies for a sur mesure experience" 

LINDBERG sunglasses were her instant craving and she loved how all are tailor made – no mass production here.

Read her full post here.


february 2017

Reflect on your alter ego with SPECTR


Fashion photographer Stefan Dongus made LINDBERG eyewear the corner stone of his latest spread "alter ego" in the international eyewear fashion magasine SPECTR.

"For this issue's cover production, we kind of went overboard - with mirrors and reflections and all - especially considering that we only needed four images after al. But since we had already set up the entire photo shoot, why not make use of it for some more pics? In search of proper line of eyewear to display in this moody setting, the latest creative offering from designer label LINDBERG proved the perfect match. Every season, the Danish eyewear mainstay turns heads with new, forward-looking ideas at all the eyewear tradeshows. Plus, we had just received a top secret preview of their 2017 offering - and the frames were real beauties. With their understated, sleek form language and LIINDBERGs signature reduced-to-the-max designs, they fit our photo shoot art style like hand in glove. Which one is your alter ego?"


february 2017

Monocle sees the future


A LINDBERG buffalo titanium frame completes the tomboy street style predicted in the Forecast issue of Monocle Magasine. 

Every year Monocle foretells the coming year's top 100 tone-setters - and again in 2017 LINDBERG is proud to be part of the prophesy. 




january 2017

Golden oldies in LEON magazine


According to the Japanese fashion magazine LEON, LINDBERG is the perfect choice for quality-conscious men with good taste. Simple but decent, retro looking but technologically reinvented. The upper titanium part of the frame is symmetrically following the lines of the eyebrow for a natural looking fit.  


more than 100 colour combinations


"It is simple, but unique, as well as world-class high technology". This is essential to get the label ‘good taste’ according to LEON magazine. 

The strong designs combining classic old-school Wellington style with a trendy double-bridge and a havana colored inner rim make the looks true statements of fashion and style.  


january 2017

Meryl Streep spotted in LINDBERG acetanium


American actress and singer Meryl Streep was recently spotted in LINDBERG acetanium. The Oscar, Emmy and Golden Globe-winning star will be honored with the Human Rights Campaign's (HRC) Ally for Equality Award, in recognition of her longtime support of the LGBTQ community, in February.

The actress, who was last seen on the big screen this summer in “Florence Foster Jenkins,” will be presented with the award at the 2017 HRC Greater New York Gala, slated for Feb. 11 at the Waldorf Astoria in New York.


january 2017

"Simple, Elegant, Pure" by Premier Magazine


Premier Magazine, the exclusive South African magazine for the discerning traveller, portrays LINDBERG in the December issue 2016. "Staying true to the integrity of Danish design standards, the ground-breaking minimalist designs of the company are about as good as it gets when it comes to purist optical creations."

Download the full article here


january 2017

Trend in China: Danish style


“Head held high, yet low-key maintained” That’s what how high-end lifestyle magazine TATLER describes LINDBERG. In the column “Business Talk” of the latest issue of TATLER China, LINDBERG’s Managing Director of Asia Pacific, Nikolaj Schnoor, was interviewed about the great efforts LINDBERG has put into the Asian market. The challenge was big as barely anyone had heard about the brand 13 years ago, LINDBERG never stepped back on winning more loyal followers of its brand spirit – the combination of functionality and great design aesthetics of Danish style.

What attracts people to be loyal fans of LINDBERG is its refined details and extreme comfort. For this reason the brand is also the sole appointed eyewear brand by the Danish royal family. Her Majesty Queen Margrethe was one of the first loyal supporters of LINDBERG since 1987 when she first began wearing LINDBERG, followed by His Royal Highness, Henrik, Prince of Denmark, Danish princesses and other members of the royal family. By appointment to the Royal Danish Court, LINDBERG tells its unique understanding of Danish style.

Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark – wearing LINDBERG Spirit


december 2016

How To Spend It packs LINDBERG Sun in "Eclectibles"


In the latest issue of Financial Times' How To Spend It, "Travel Unravelled" edition, LINDBERG Sun 8404 gets ready to go on holiday with other "devilish doodahs and funky knick-knackery". We want to go!

november 2016

Swept away by the Sun


This fall LINDBERG Sun has really been moved into the limelight. Our stylishly most daring Sun models to date have been awarded no less than three design awards from Tokyo, Dubai and Munich. The design connaisseurs in the international jury panels highlighted exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality materials and technical innovation. 

Find your local LINDBERG Sun dealer at LINDBERG.com/dealers and experience what all the fuzz is about.

november 2016

Sasha Luss lush in LINDBERG Sun for Vs. Magazine


Model and actress Sasha Luss looking beautifully lush in Vs. Magazine. In the film "Sasha Luss for Vs. Magazine",  she plays the mourning widow at a mafioso's funeral. Dressed in stunning white and hiding behind matching sunglasses by LINDBERG (model 8403) – one can't help but suspect fowl play. Drop dead gorgeous film made by Vs Magazine. Above shows selected scenes with LINDBERG in focus.

To watch the full movie click here



november 2016

Wallpaper* sees LINDBERG as divine impeccable craftsmanship


In the November issue of Wallpaper*, LINDBERG is dubbed nothing less but; "SPECS GOD". "Known for lightweight, technically advanced frames that take inspiration from the minimalist aesthetic and impeccable craftsmanship of Danish modernism, LINDBERG glasses are a subtle, logo-less calling card for those who treasure function as much as fashion, quality as much as cool-factor. Writer Natalia Rachlin goes on: "It could be argued that Lindberg is more of a design firm that happens to specialise in glasses than it is an eyewear brand."

Visit wallpaper.com or download the full article here


october 2016

The businessman’s choice

gq.jpg (2)

GQ China invited Taiwanese top model Yee Hong to shoot a series of fashion photos in theme "Businessman’s Lunch".

Wearing LINDBERG frames, he shows extraordinary confidence even with a sandwich in his hand. A fashionable businessman never leaves behind important style statement items like his eyewear.


october 2016

The Seoul of Danish fashion


Sparks flew high when LINDBERG joined forces with luxury brand Kopenhagen Fur on the fashion runway in Seoul, Korea.

Expressive silhouettes and playful colours gave inspiration to a Fall/Winter look guaranteed to brighten up even the dullest, darkest day.

The collaborative runway show was created in honor of Danish Prime Minister, Mr. Lars Løkke Rasmussens visit to Seoul, Korea.