Defined by style, substance, and singularity, the sun titanium collection speaks for itself

Our kind of luxury

8410/407 col. K241/PU9-SL49

8401/409 col.PU12/K137-SL35

코 브릿지는 공인된 안경사가 각 개인에게 맞게 조절할 수 있습니다.
"looks before logos"

8312 col. CO6/PGT

originality and unparalleled quality are our most treasured trademarks

8408 col. K127/25–SL41

피부 친화적인 의료용 실리콘 소재로 제작된 4가지 코패드 디자인
템플은 3가지 길이가 있으며, 완벽한 핏을 위한 조절이 용이합니다.
customised and comfortable

With countless models that span the spectrum of size, shape, and colour, we can confidently say there's something for every aesthete

8414/409 col. K229/60-SL34

We're out to prove that style and substance are not mutually exclusive:

Our minimalist designs are extremely light, comfortable and flexible, and fitted with premium lenses to ensure optimal vision and exceptional glare protection.

Remarkable details
8202 col. P70/P70–SL47

whether you want to make a statement in the-bigger-the-better frames or fly under the radar in streamlined aviators, we promise you this: 

they may not flaunt a logo, but our shades are anything but anonymous

anything but anonymous
8411/409 col. K229/60-SL35
8415 col. K190/P60

덴마크 왕실 공식 인증