LINDBERG Horn is a unique, handcrafted combination of exclusive buffalo horn and titanium.
1811 col. H26/10
wallpaper award
Buffalo horn glasses
1820/409 col. H16/GT
1814/407 col. H16/10
The front of the frame features layers of laminated horn, giving this living and porous material greater strength and stability.
buffalo · horn
1801/408 col. H16/P10
light brown · light brown
dark brown · dark brown
medium brown · light brown
deep black · light brown
horn variations
titanium colours
titanium colours
1820/409 col. H20/P10
4 different nose pad designs, made of
skin-friendly medical silicone.
nose pads
Temples in 3 different lengths.
Multi - adjustable temple ends for a perfect fit.
temple tips