Combines the remarkably
thin composite front and ultra-lightweight titanium into a minimalistic design
6537 colour D15/PU9
6527/Basic col. C11/10
Signature LINDBERG screwless hinge, made entirely of lightweight titanium
Specially developed, hypoallergenic composite material, only 2 mm thin
High-tech nano coating for optimal scratch resistance
5 different multi-adjustable ergonomic nose pad designs for optimized comfort
Characteristic LINDBERG high-quality titanium with dimensional stability
6506 col. C07/PU9
6528/802 col. C08/P10
colour options
Choose your colour:
(The colour options include 20 colours in total)
6519/802 col. C01/PU9
Transparent polished colours supplementing or contrasting the titanium colour world of the temples
6527/basic col. C01/U33
titanium · composite
Combination of the remarkably thin composite front and ultra-lightweight titanium temples
nose pads
4 different nose pad designs, made of skin-friendly medical silicone
6505/basic col. C02