Lightness, flexibility and adjustability are second-to-none – even the largest models have a perfect fit and are so light you almost forget you're wearing them.
8901/407 col. SC50/SL43
8582/407 col. SC48
colours · shades
see more at your local optician
8305/802 col. PU9/C01/SL02
lightweight · flexible
The nose bridge is adjusted to fit the individual wearer by an authorized optician.
8701/407 col. SC53 K188/U38
8405/417 col. SL04
4 different nose pad designs, made of skin-friendly medical silicone.
Organically shaped titanium hinge design – screwless
carbon bushing and multi-adjustable.
Temples available in 3 different lengths.
Multi-adjustable temple ends for a perfect fit.
8702/406 col. SC60