LINDBERG女款镜架Strip 9628方形设计,配色U33 红色

the art of colouring

9628 – U33

To us, colours are not just colours. They are a result of a technical process and many creative decisions. We put care into every colour we offer, and with this series we wanted to look at those colours in a new way.

LINDBERG strip titanium 型号9624 U38 白色圆角方形镜架

9624 – U38

LINDBERG strip titanium型号7423 U33 红色
LINDBERG rim titanium 型号Coco 77 紫色双梁圆框镜架

Coco – 77

7423 – U33

Inspired by art from the likes of Danish experimental painter Vilhelm Lundstrøm and abstract artist Piet Mondrian, the images explore the interplay between colour and design. The focus is on tone-on-tone compositions that highlight the subtle and clean lines of our titanium glasses.

9628 – U33

LINDBERG strip titanium 型号9628 红色方形钛金属镜架

9854 – U38/K190

LINDBERG strip 型号9854 银色钛金属多边形状镜架

6586/802 – C18M/70

LINDBERG Now titanium 型号6586 70 圆形透明红色镜架

6586/802 – C18M/70

LINDBERG now titanium 型号6586 70 透明红色镜架

1260 – AI37

由板材和钛金属制成的LINDBERG acetanium 型号1260 AI37 方形透明蓝板材镜架

1260 – AI37

LINDBERG acetanium 型号1260 AI37 透明蓝板材钛金属镜架

2432 – 107/GC89

LINDBERG strip3p 型号2432 蓝色无框镜架

2454 – 77/GC03

LINDBERG strip3p 型号2454 77 紫色无框钛金属镜架

6601/802 – C14M/107/SL88

LINDBERG now 型号6601 C14M 半透明蓝色镜架配钛金属镜腿

6601/802 – C14M/107/SL88

LINDBERG now titanium 型号6601 C14M 蓝色方形镜架

6605/basic – C12/U33

LINDBERG now titanium 型号6605 方形红色镜架

6605/basic – C12/U33

LINDBERG now titanium 型号6605 红色超大方形镜架

9745 – U33/K164

LINDBERG strip 型号9745 红色飞行员款镜架

9728 – U38/K137

LINDBERG strip 9728 银色透明猫眼款镜架

Cameron – GT/K223

LINDBERG rim titanium 型号Cameron 金色圆形镜架

9853 – U33/K164

LINDBERG strip 型号9854 圆形红色钛金属镜架

Coco – 77

LINDBERG rim titanium型号Coco 77 紫色双梁镜架

2431 – PGT/GC06

LINDBERG strip3p titanium 型号 2431金色无框镜架
LINDBERG 7423男士半框镜架,配色金色GT

7423 – GT

Intense colours are great for bringing out your personal style.

LINDBERG strip titanium型号9625 77紫色

9625 – 77

LINDBERG rim titanium 型号Cameron GT金色配透明K223内圈
LINDBERG now titanium型号6586透明框镜架 C12红色
LINDBERG strip titanium 型号7424 U38 白色半框镜架

Cameron – GT/K223

6586/basic – C12/P70

7424 – U38

Dive deep into our many options and find the colour that speaks to you, explore your possibilities with LINDBERG customisation.

8202 – GT/SL56

LINDBERG rim 型号太阳镜 8202 GT 金色圆形镜配金色反光镜片

8307/basic – C04/PU12/SL35

LINDBERG now 型号8307 透明粉色太阳镜配紫色渐变镜片

8307/basic – C04/PU12/SL35

LINDBERG now 型号8307 紫色透明渐变色猫眼款太阳镜

8910 – P10/PU16/SL55

LINDBERG 型号8910 双梁银色太阳镜配蓝色镜片

8311/803 – C06/PGT/SL43

LINDBERG now 型号8311 黑色太阳镜配蓝灰色镜片

8311/803 – C06/PGT/SL43

LINDBERG 型号8311猫眼款黑色太阳镜,配金色钛金属镜腿

8909 – GT/PU9/SL10

LINDBERG 型号8909 双梁金色太阳镜,配棕色渐变色镜片

8908 – PGT/SL10

LINDBERG 型号8908 GT 飞行员款金色太阳镜

To experience the bespoke nature of our designs visit your nearest LINDBERG store.