17 november 2017

Our colourful city, Aarhus #2/4: ARoS Art Museum

Our colourful city, Aarhus #2/4: ARoS Art Museum

We believe seeing things in a different light is beneficial to creativity and good for the soul. What better way, than to view the city in full panorama through all the colours of the rainbow?

In this second episode of the #OurAarhus series, we present to you:

ARoS Aarhus Art Museum







Inaugurated in 2004 as Aarhus Art Musuem’s 4th location since 1859, ARoS is designed by world-renowned Aarhus architects, Schmidt Hammer Lassen.

On top of the immense quadratic construction, a floating rainbow skywalk acts as a beacon to people out and about in the city. Inviting visitors to see the city in any nuance imaginable, Your Rainbow Panorama presents us with a choice to make any day more colourful - just like the choice of endless colour options titanium gives to your LINDBERG frame.









LINDBERG strip titanium 9553, col. 127








 Ólafur Elíasson, the Danish-Icelandic artist behind Your Rainbow Panorama


Unlike the solid, yet simple red brick and glass exterior, the interior of the museum, with its bright white colours, allows light to be reflected through all ten levels of the construction. Sweeping round curves accentuate each storey, which are all connected by the softly inclining, spiralling staircase.







ARoS, the viking word for Aarhus, also alludes to the Latin word ars, which translates to art, thereby underscoring ARoS as a work of art inside out. Another great draw of the museum’s collection is Boy, a 4.5 metres tall glass fibre sculpture of a young, crouching boy. The remarkable attention to detail, such as the surface of the skin and the depth of the eyes almost brings the boy to life. if it wasn’t for the gargantuan proportions one could be led to think the boy was real.  







Photo courtesy of ARoS Aarhus Art Museum