Gillian – P10/K223

the original, iconic danish design

Gillian – P10/K223

Made in Denmark

Gillian – P10/K223 · Made in Denmark

the air titanium rim collection

The air titanium rim collection is wire frame eyewear – perfected. The collection embodies the LINDBERG design DNA, with uncompromising contemporary design.

air titanium rim hinge groove colour

The designs are motivated by the modern movement of functionalism, an aesthetic and minimalistic design language characterised by the absence of excessive decoration.This is best seen in the iconic hinge, known for the expertly engineered spiral design, stripped of all unnecessary elements like screws and rivets.

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Joshua – PU9/SL89

Joshua – PU9/SL89

Joshua – P70/SL96

Joshua – P70/SL96

Jean – P70/K229

Jean – P70/K229

Find both square and round shapes in the air titanium rim collection. There is a fit for any face shape.

the obvious choice

The iconic air titanium rim collection is the leading wire frame eyewear in the world. With its contemporary take on round, square and oval shapes, there is a model for every face. The designs are all lightweight and expertly crafted, and are often the obvious choice for design connoisseurs with its superbly engineered details.

Corona – 10

LINDBERG air titanium rim round silver circle glasses in model Corona colour 10

Oscar – GT/K175

LINDBERG air titanium rim gold retro glasses in Model Oscar featuring a square shape with inner acetate K175

Morten – U13/K228

LINDBERG air titanium rim blue round glasses in Model Morten U13 with customised temple cover

Morten – U13

LINDBERG air titanium rim glasses Model Morten in blue colour u13 featuring a classic panto shape

Jackie – U16/K223

LINDBERG air titanium rim glasses in Model Jackie in grey colour U16 featuring a panto shape with inner acetate K223

Harley – GT/K199

LINDBERG air titanium rim gold round glasses with inner acetate K199

Evan – U16/GC71

LINDBERG air titanium rim dark grey panto glasses in Model evan colour u16

Dakota – GT

LINDBERG air titanium rim gold round glasses in Model Dakota colour GT

Coco – P85

LINDBERG air titanium rim glasses in turquoise colour P85 featuring an oversized shape and double bar bridge

Bo – PU9

LINDBERG air titanium rim black panto shape glasses in model bo colour PU9

The models are not only known for their sleek designs but also for their remarkable fit, making them ideal for almost any lifestyle. The LINDBERG modular design system means each pair of glasses created is the wearer’s own personalised choice – an individual design statement.

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Gillian - K223/P10/P10

iconic spiral hinge 

LINDBERG’s first and highly innovative product line from the mid-eighties, air titanium, featured the signature spiral hinge. The now classic screwless design was part of the groundbreaking rimless eyewear concept created by LINDBERG and architects Dissing+Weitling. It has since been awarded a multitude of prestigious design prizes worldwide and stands as one of the great original Danish designs.

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luxury material

Titanium is truly a luxury eyewear material. LINDBERG designs feature ultra-lightweight titanium of exceptional strength and flexibility. These are just a few of the benefits from using titanium to create designer glasses for both men and women.

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colourful options 

LINDBERG air titanium rim glasses come in a wide array of different colours. You can combine colours of front, temples and temple covers to tailor your unique pair of customised LINDBERG glasses.

silk matt


Dakota – 10

Add even more colour to your air titanium rim glasses with our elegant temple covers.






acetate inner rims

The air titanium rim collection also offers styles with acetate inner rims to add an extra layer of contrast and depth to the clean designs. Acetate inner rims grant your eyewear a stronger appearance while maintaining all the benefits of wire frame eyewear.

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Jean – P70/K229

Jean – P70/K229

Jean – P70/K229

Jean – P70/K229

Your eyewear is an extension of yourself. Make the right decision.

The LINDBERG fit is a perfect fit for any face, as our temples are adjustable and you can choose between different nose pads made from suitable material like medical silicone designed for optimising comfort.

To underline the handcrafted quality of LINDBERG, each piece is bestowed a unique product number. Furthermore, since each pair is made-to-order we engrave your name in your LINDBERG glasses – making them truly one of a kind.

kid/teen eyewear

All the signature benefits of a pair of LINDBERG air titanium rim glasses are 100% kids-friendly, with great designs for both boys and girls. Although they may seem fine and delicate, air titanium rim kid/teen glasses are exceptionally flexible and durable.

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Jackie – K229/U9

air titanium rim sunglasses

The LINDBERG sun titanium collection features styles made in ultra-lightweight titanium wire for a remarkable comfort. Whether you prefer round or square, small or oversized sunglasses, the craftsmanship of LINDBERG ensures that there is a perfect pair for your unique taste.

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8210 GT SL82

8210 GT SL82

8208 – U9/SL48

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8208 sunglasses with green tinted lenses SL48

8210 – PU9/SL84

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8210 black double bar sunglasses with grey green lenses SL84

8209 – GT/SL34

Gold aviator sunglasses Model 8209 with green gradient lenses SL34 from LINDBERG sun titanium collection

8205 – U9/K223/SL49

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8205 SL48 double bar men’s sunglasses with transparent acetate and silver mirror lenses
Titanium element symbol 1051 - AK25 Find A Dealer 6613/802 – C11/P25

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