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The LINDBERG sun titanium collection is a fresh perspective on fashion sunglasses with the unique combination of design classics and bold fashion pieces.

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Embrace the LINDBERG philosophy of premium quality eyewear. Feel free to play around with countless customised designs – whether you prefer round or square, small or oversized sunglasses, the craftsmanship of LINDBERG ensures that there is a perfect pair of glasses for your unique taste.

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8906 – SC93/SL85

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8906 black sunglasses with green tinted lens SL85

8907 – SC99/SL86

LINDBERG oversized designer gold tone sunglasses in Model 8907 featuring a square shape and grey gradient lenses SL86

8590 – SC90/SL85

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8590 clear yellow sunglasses with green lenses  SL85

8588 – SC78/SL54

LINDBERG sun titanium 8588 transparent brown designer sunglasses with rose gold mirror lenses SL54

8305 – D16/PU9/SL49

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8305 black sunglasses with light silver mirror lenses

8586 – SC79/SL18

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8586 black round designer sunglasses with grey brown gradient tinted lenses SL18

8413 – 10/K25/SL33

LINDERG sun titanium Model 8413 square shape sunglasses with grey tinted lenses SL33

8411 – U38/K242/SL12

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8411 sunglasses with grey warm brown gradient lenses SL12

8326 – C14/GT/SL20

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8326 square sunglasses with grey gradient lenses SL20 and gold tone temples GT

8311 – C06/PGT/SL24

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8311 women’s cat eye sunglasses with warm brown gradient lenses SL24

8307 – C21/77/SL62

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8307 transparent frame sunglasses with SL63 purple gradient tint lenses

8310 – C07/05/SL43

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8310 transparent grey frame sunglasses with blue grey lenses SL43

8210 – GT/SL82

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8210 gold sunglasses with green tinted lenses SL82

8209 – GT/SL34

Gold aviator sunglasses Model 8209 with green gradient lenses SL34 from LINDBERG sun titanium collection

8208 – U9/SL48

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8208 sunglasses with green tinted lenses SL48

8205 – U9/K223/SL49

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8205 SL48 double bar men’s sunglasses with transparent acetate and silver mirror lenses

8202 – GT/SL54

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8202 SL54 double bar round sunglasses with rose gold mirror lenses

8329 - C01/95/special edition · 8329 - C01/95/SL99

8329 - C01/95/special edition · 8329 -  C01/95/SL99

8803 – GT/GC00/SL68

8803 – GT/GC00/SL68

8908 - P70/P85/SL58

8908 - P70/P85/SL58

8906 – showpiece

LINDBERG sun titanium women’s green sunglasses in Model 8906

8906 – showpiece

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8906 sunglasses in green colour

8906 – SC93/SL83

Men’s lightweight titanium sunglasses Model 8906 from LINDBERG Sun collection

8906 – SC93/SL83

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8906 men’s black sunglasses with grey tinted lenses SL83

8907 – SC99/SL10

LINDBERG sun titanium gold colour model 8907 sunglasses with light brown tinted lenses SL10

8907 – SC94/SL86

LINDBERG sun Model 8907 black titanium sunglasses in a men’s square shape

8907 – SC99/SL10

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8907 men’s gold square sunglasses

8907 – SC101/SL85

LINDBERG women’s square sun titanium sunglasses in gold tone GT with green tinted lenses SL85

Choose your favourite colour.

Experience true luxury. Every pair of sun titaniums is created with a high level of technical ability, giving you some of the most beautiful and comfortable eyewear in the world.

8210/basic – GT/SL82
8907/409 – SC99/GT/SL85
8210/basic – GT/SL82

8210 – GT/SL82

8907 – SC101/SL85

comfort in details

LINDBERG sun titanium features our screwless hinges, adjustable bridges and your choice of different nose pads and temple lengths for the ultimate comfort.

8329 - C01/95/GC88_Bluetint
5507 - GT
8332 - C21/PU9/SL62

the best sunglasses deserve the best lenses

The minimalistic designs are extremely light, comfortable and flexible, and fitted with premium sun lenses to ensure optimal vision and exceptional glare protection. A premium selection of lenses with antireflective coating guarantees extreme optical quality and UV protection.

8333 - D16/GT/SL98
8802 - P10/GC00/SL52

8802 - P10/SL52

8333 - D16/GT/SL98

Some of the many lens colours available

8803 - GT/SL68

8803 - GT/SL68

8333 - D16/GT/SL98

8333 - D16/GT/SL98

8210 – GT/SL82

LINDBERG sun titanium men’s gold square aviator sunglasses in Model 8210 GT with green gradient lenses SL82

8210 – GT/SL82

LINDBERG sun titanium Model 8210 men’s square aviator sunglasses in gold tone GT with gradient tinted lenses SL82

8326 – C14/GT/SL20

LINDBERG sun titanium women’s black tint square sunglasses in Model 8326

8590 – SC90/SL85

LINDBERG sun titanium men’s transparent sunglasses model 8590 SC90

8209 – P10/SL04

LINDBERG Sun titanium men’s black aviator sunglasses in Model 8209 with P10 silver temples

8586 – SC80/SL54

LINDBERG sun titanium women’s designer round sunglasses in Model 8586

Minimalistic sunglass designs.

The LINDBERG fit is a perfect fit for any face, as our temples come in different lengths and are adjustable. You also have the option of choosing between different multi-adjustable ergonomic nose pads made from suitable material like medical silicone designed for optimising comfort.

To underline the handcrafted quality of LINDBERG, each piece is bestowed a unique product number. Furthermore, since each pair is made-to-order we engrave your name in your LINDBERG glasses – making them truly one of a kind.

Name personalization on LINDBERG sun titanium sunglasses
Photo of LINDBERG shop interior

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