the LINDBERG træ+buffalo titanium collection

The træ+buffalo titanium collection seamlessly combines buffalo horn and fine wood, each enhancing the remarkable beauty of the other. Buffalo horn and fine wood (“træ” in Danish) are some of nature’s most delicate materials. Both have a fascinating structure making each pair of træ+buffalo titanium one-of-a-kind.

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1849 WB11 10 1855 WE17 U9

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1849 WB11/10

1816 WD13/10

1855 WE17/U9

The beautiful natural colours of træ+buffalo fit any skin tone and provide a stunning and fashionable look. Every angle of the wood frame glasses gives you captivating impressions. It is all in the detail.

1859 – WB11

1858 – WE17

1857 – WD13

customisation and comfort with titanium

LINDBERG is a frontrunner in utilising the fantastic properties of titanium. Temples, screwless hinges and nose bridge inserts are all made of our signature ultra-lightweight titanium, making the sleek classic træ+buffalo glasses easy to adjust, as well as adding distinctive modern design features. The multi-adjustable temples come in different colours and lengths for the perfect look and fit.

1858 WD13 PU14

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1827 WB11 P10 1821 WE17 U16

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1827 WB11/P10

1858 WD13/PU14

1821 WE17/U16

Like buffalo horn and fine wood, titanium is a natural material with numerous benefits, such as being hypoallergenic, ultra-lightweight and extremely flexible.