Our take on this challenge features an ultrathin horn front, hand-polished to bring out Mother Nature’s exquisite colour patterns, combined with lightweight, adjustable titanium temples.

buffalo titianium

1816/407 col. H18/P10

For decades eyewear designers around the world have tried taming nature’s luxury, the gorgeous but unruly buffalo horn.

1818 col. Unique 407/U9

We take pride in our Danish workshop, where superior craftsmanship and advanced technology go hand in hand.

We combine 152 in-house processes to finish each buffalo horn frame. It's a complex matter, making minimalist Danish design. 

The LINDBERG Horn frames are stripped of any unnecessary material, such as screws, rivets or soldering – leaving a clean-cut, neat design, addictive to us Danes.

1818/407 col. HTE26/U9
The front of the frame features layers of laminated horn, giving this living and porous material greater strength and stability.
1816/407 col. H16/10
light brown
light brown
dark brown 
dark brown
medium brown light brown
deep black 
light brown
horn variations
titanium colours

1823/407 col. HTE26/P10

4 different nose pad designs, made of
skin-friendly medical silicone.
nose pads
Temples in 3 different lengths.
Multi - adjustable temple ends for a perfect fit.
temple tips

By Appointment to the Royal Danish Court