model 8317 colour C10-PGT
model 8904 colour SC73

Vogue Arabia brings #shadesofLINDBERG to the warm beaches of the Arabian Peninsula. The editorial explores the contrast of shadows and sunlight in a dreamy and natural setting. The charming getaway embraces a cinematic ‘50s aesthetic, inspirited by the timeless styles from the LINDBERG sun titanium collection.

Vogue Arabia’s timeless frame of mind

model 2227 colour P10-P77

Shades of LINDBERG

#shadesofLINDBERG appeals to people from different walks of life through the boundless sun titanium collection and the art of customisation. In the spirit of diversity and individuality, LINDBERG presents an ensemble of fresh mindsets from around the world, sharing their perspectives of LINDBERG designer sunglasses.

model 8316 colour D16/GT

model 8102 colour P10 

model 8416 colour K241M/U9

Embrace the LINDBERG philosophy of premium quality eyewear and tailor-made designs. Whether you prefer square or round, small or oversized sunglasses, the craftsmanship of LINDBERG ensures that there is a perfect pair of glasses for your unique taste.

Express your personal style with #shadesofLINDBERG

A premium selection of ZEISS lenses with anti-reflex coating guarantees extreme optical quality and UV protection


World patented screw-less hinges, adjustable bridges, the choice of different of nose pads and temple lengths.

Custom sunglasses, hand-finished for a truly personalised experience.

model 8317/802 colour D16-P10 


Acetate, composite and rimless sunglasses all made with durable, flexible and ultra-lightweight titanium for remarkable comfort.

Spectr’s unfiltered street style

German eyewear fashion magazine, Spectr immerses #shadesofLINDBERG within the culturally rich environment of Cologne. In a raw and unfiltered composition, cool sunglasses fit seamlessly in a contemporary and youthful street style, proving eyewear is transformative to personal aesthetics.

– Ali MacGraw’s retro aesthetics


DANSK Magazine’s take on #shadesofLINDBERG draws inspiration from the iconic American actress, Ali MacGraw. The editorial shines a new light on modern sunglasses with a ‘70s edge. The rimless sunglasses and retro aesthetics are a true testament to Ali MacGraw’s timeless beauty and style.

model 8322 colour C11/K199M-PU9
model 8322 colour D16/K223-PU9
model 8322 colour C11/K199M-PU9
model 8324 colour C08/K225M-P10

The new sun titanium collection is a fresh perspective on fashion sunglasses with the unique combination of ultra-thin acetate inner rims and oversized frames.

The sunglasses are inspired by classic eyewear shapes made with a high level of technical ability. The unique mix of materials and forms allows various possible combinations, where transparent elements can create the visual effect of lenses seemingly floating within the frame.

LINDBERG sun titanium – New aesthetics, new perspectives


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