20 diciembre 2019

LINDBERG Beyond – the making of

At the 2019 Silmo eyewear fair in Paris we did something new, something different. Groundbreaking and award-winning eyewear doesn’t just come from nothing. To expand what is possible you have to think of the impossible. 




The 30-feet container was hidden inside the LINDBERG stand. 



That is why we created LINDBERG Beyond – a collection of unique ideas from our creative teams. The goal was to create an experience like no other and go beyond the limit of what we usually do. Our visitors were treated to a walk through the dark of LINDBERG Beyond, a container with exciting interactive elements throughout. Visitors were left impressed, exhilarated and with a newfound understanding of the creativity behind the LINDBERG brand.  




One of the features was a wall with more than 100 motorised glass butterflies controlled by a motion sensor. 



Our many inhouse specialists worked hard for months to get LINDBERG Beyond to the high standard we demand from everything we do. Engineers, designers, graphic designers, the production team and more all came together to create something they hadn’t tried before. 




The floor and walls of the container were covered with a 3D carpet creating an optical illusion.



We like to challenge, not only our partners, but also ourselves. And that will never stop.