ice blue

To match the wintery weather of February in Denmark we have combined some of our coolest colours to create season appropriate ice-blue designs. The season in Denmark is often cold and snowy, a look that lends itself well to eyewear design.

With LINDBERG customisation it is possible for you to mix and match to find your perfect fit. We offer a wide array of possibilities, like our many titanium colours.

Christoffer – 25/U13/GC55

LINDBERG rim titanium Model Christoffer double bar bridge glasses in light blue colour with inner rim

Oscar – U13/K259

LINDBERG rim titanium Model Oscar rectangle shape double bar bridge glasses with inner rim

9745 – 25/K117/GC00

LINDBERG strip titanium Model 9745 double bar aviator shape glasses in glacier blue colour

9849 – 25/K200

LINDBERG strip Model 9849 half rim titanium glasses

6585 – C14M/25

LINDBERG now titanium glasses Model 6585 C14M 25 featuring a transparent blue front in a squared panto shape

6587 – C01/P25

LINDBERG now titanium transparent colour glasses in a squared panto shape Model 6587 C01 P25

9624 – 25

LINDBERG strip titanium Model 9624 ice blue coloured angular square shape glasses

9752 – 25/K117/GC00

LINDBERG strip titanium Model 9725 round shape glasses in a silver blue colour

Max – 20/K160

LINDBERG rim titanium Model Max 20 K160 rounded square shape glasses in blue colour

2321 – P20

LINDBERG spirit titanium rimless glasses in Model 2321

Arnold – P25/GC101

LINDBERG rim titanium Model Arnold in light blue colour featuring a rectangle shape

1046 – AI56

LINDBERG acetanium Model 1046 407 blue transparent acetate glasses with titanium temples

2449 – U16

LINDBERG strip3p Model 2449 in angular shaped rimless glasses

9840 – 25/K159

LINDBERG strip titanium half frame rimmed acetate glasses in Model 9840 featuring a light blue colour

1047 – AK18

Choosing blue creates a very calming look that complement most skin colours. The tone-on-tone look with both acetate and titanium elements is a great choice for the new year.

1263 – AK14

6522 – C08/25

Max – U13/K259

1046 – AI56

Our sun titanium collection offers blue tinted lenses for many of our sunglass designs. A great way to add a modern twist to your next pair of sunglasses.

8906 – SC100/SL55

8906 – SC100/SL55

8906 – SC92/SL55

8906 – SC92/SL55

8907 – SC95/SL55

8907 – SC95/SL55

8586 – SC79/SL55

8586 – SC79/SL55

8305 – C06-U9/SL43

8305 – C06-U9/SL43

8209 – P10/SL43

8209 – P10/SL43

8202 – 120/SL55

8202 – 120/SL55