– Lotte Freddie

model 6548 – C21/GT


Lotte Tegner Freddie (b.1935) is a Danish fashion icon. Both her birth name, Tegner, and her married name Freddie are legendary in the Danish art world - her former father-in-law was the famous surrealist painter Wilhelm Freddie. Lotte Freddie is a former model, now a fashion writer and editor living and working in Copenhagen.

"I grew up with art. My grandmother, Ellen Tegner, was a celebrated solo dancer at the Royal Danish Theatre, and my grandfather, Hans Tegner, was a collector of art - books, paintings, and furniture. His brother, my uncle, was the sculptor Rudolph Tegner. My mother was an excellent painter – something she wasn't even really aware of. It has all shaped me."

"I am fascinated by its ability to evoke emotions through colours, patterns, expressions. That it gives you experiences that create new thoughts, movements, challenges, learnings."

model 8209 colour GT

model cameron colour GT/K258

Lotte Freddie wearing model 8328 colour C21/GT-SL54

For me it’s important that my sunglasses can protect my eyes from sunlight, and they have to be smooth and light. Most importantly, they have to suit me. ”

"If I could freely choose a work of art, it would be a work by Arman and a painting by Turner.