Defined by style, substance, and singularity, the sun titanium collection speaks for itself

Our kind of luxury

8410/407 col. K241/PU9-SL49

8401/409 col.PU12/K137-SL35

Le pont est adapté à chaque utilisateur par un opticien agréé.
"looks before logos"

8312 col. CO6/PGT

originality and unparalleled quality are our most treasured trademarks

8402/409 col. PU12/K115

Quatre modèles différents de plaquettes en silicone médical respectueuses de la peau.
Branches disponibles en trois longueurs différentes.
Branches multi-ajustables pour un réglage parfait.
customised and comfortable

With countless models that span the spectrum of size, shape, and colour, we can confidently say there's something for every aesthete

8414/409 col. K229/60-SL34

We're out to prove that style and substance are not mutually exclusive:

Our minimalist designs are extremely light, comfortable and flexible, and fitted with premium lenses to ensure optimal vision and exceptional glare protection.

Remarkable details
8404/410 col. K207/GT-SL35

whether you want to make a statement in the-bigger-the-better frames or fly under the radar in streamlined aviators, we promise you this: 

they may not flaunt a logo, but our shades are anything but anonymous

anything but anonymous
8411/409 col. K229/60-SL35
8415 col. K190/P60

Fournisseur Royal de la Cour de Danemark