Oscar –  PGT/K175

colourful easter

Oscar – PGT/K175

Easter is the time of year where spring really sets in. With blooming flowers and sprouting trees, the season carries a colourful character that we embrace with this series of photos.

For hundreds of years eggs have been a part of Easter. We wanted to bring this tradition into our eyewear universe. We believe that beauty arises when design and nature meet and the subtle hues of the coloured eggs is a great match for our many titanium, composite and acetate colours.

6586 – C21/PGT

2431 – PGT

9751 – U12

9728 – PU12/K229/GC84

Enjoy the vibrant combinations and be inspired to explore the many options of LINDBERG customisation. Our selection of sunglasses offers even more room to play with both colour and expression.

Cameron – U34/30/U12/K223

Cameron – U34/30/U12/K223

Cameron – U34/30/U12/K258

LINDBERG model Cameron green titanium round glasses with red inner acetate rim

Christoffer – PU12

LINDBERG rim model Christoffer double bar rounded aviator glasses in brown titanium

Esben – U12/30/U31

LINDBERG rim titanium Model Esben two tone brown and blue colour glasses in a square shape

Oscar – GT/30/U12/K175

LINDBERG rim titanium Model Oscar double bar rectangle shape glasses in gold and blue with an green inner acetate

9751 – U12

LINDBERG spirit Model 9751 thin rimmed brown titanium glasses in a panto shape

9619 – U34

LINDBERG spirit Model 9619 U34 rounded rectangle shape titanium glasses in green colour

9728 – PU12/K229/GC84

LINDBERG spirit Model 9728 cat eye glasses in copper coloured titanium featuring a transparent acetate inner rim

9750 – PGT/K238/GC69

LINDBERG strip titanium Model 9750 oversized geometric shape gold glasses with transparent inner acetate

6512 – C21/PGT/GC69

LINDBERG now titanium transparent rounded rectangle frames with gold tone inner rim colouring

6585 – C11/GT

LINDBERG now titanium Model 6585 squared panto glasses in a transparent green colour

9753 – 30/K223/GC00

LINDBERG strip titanium Model 9753 green double bar square shape glasses with transparent inner acetate rim

5505 – GT

LINDBERG thintanium Model 5505 GT in titanium angular shaped glasses in gold tone

2406 – 30/GT/GC89

LINDBERG strip3p geometric rimless glasses with gold and blue colour titanium accents

2431 – PGT

LINDBERG strip3p Model 2431 rounded rimless glasses with gold titanium temples

2445 – U12/109

LINDBERG strip3p Model 2445 hexagonal shaped rimless glasses made from titanium

2450 – 10

LINDBERG strip3p Model 2450 rectangle shaped rimless glasses with silver titanium temples and bridge

8586 – SC80/SL56

LINDBERG oversized round titanium sunglasses Model 8586 in an off white colour with yellow tinted lenses

8586 – SC80/SL56

LINDBERG Model 8586 oversized round shape glasses in an off white colour with yellow tinted lenses and gold titanium temples

8588 – SC78/SL10

LINDBERG model 8588 geometric acetate sunglasses in transparent brown colour with brown gradient lenses

8588 – SC78/SL10

LINDBERG model 8588 transparent acetate sunglasses in a geometric shape with brown gradient tint lenses and titanium temples

8588 – SC78/SL34

8588 – SC78/SL34

8210 – GT/SL82

LINDBERG double bar square shape sunglasses Model 8210 with green gradient tinted lenses

8210 – GT/SL10

LINDBERG double bar squared aviator sunglasses Model 8210 in gold tone with brown gradient tinted lenses

8909 – GT/PU9/SL82

LINDBERG double bar titanium gold tone sunglasses in a square shape with green gradient lenses

8908 – PGT/SL91

LINDBERG model 8908 gold aviator shaped sunglasses with burgundy tinted lenses

8908 – GT/SL10

LINDBERG model 8908 gold aviator shaped sunglasses with burgundy tinted lenses

8907 – SC99/SL10

LINDBERG model 8908 in a gold sunglasses in aviator shape with brown gradient tinted lenses

Lotte Freddie is a Danish icon when it comes to fashion. Read our interview with her here

8328 – C21/GT/SL54

6548 – C21/GT/SL54

6586 – C21/PGT

9619 – U34