25 ottobre 2019

New store – Cologne

New store – Cologne

We are happy to present the new Nah+Fern store in the vibrant city of Cologne with interior design by LINDBERG.

We pride ourselves in putting the same effort into our interior design that we put into our frames, that is why we design and produce our own interior solutions. Every element is made from carefully selected materials and expertly formed to complement our titanium glasses. From desk to display – there are no coincidences.  






Only with our own manufacturing of interior elements are we able to match the quality of our glasses, with the high-end titanium echoed in tactile materials such as solid oak and browned steel. That is why the true LINDBERG experience is found at your local LINDBERG partner. Try on our frames and feel for yourself why LINDBERG glasses are the best you will ever wear.





Visit one of the many certified LINDBERG dealers around the world to experience the LINDBERG signature quality for yourself.