01 dicembre 2017

Our city, Aarhus 4/4 – Dokk1

Our city, Aarhus 4/4 – Dokk1

In times of change, it is fundamental to stay relevant. When what we do is no longer enough to stay in the game, we adapt, we move, we revolutionise. 

As our lives are increasingly digitalised, it became necessary to rethink our city library.

In this fourth and final episode of the #OurAarhus series, we present to you:

Dokk1: for the city, its people and the bay


As a place that unites all of those who seek knowledge and fellowship, the new city library also holds citizen’s services, public event facilities, study halls, playgrounds, and much more.







The importance of promoting a sense of a close community is manifested in one of the central art pieces, Gong. A 7,5 metres bronze bell, which only sounds when new parents activate it straight from the maternity ward at the city’s hospital.







At LINDBERG, we like to believe our eyewear also helps bring people together and bring out their creativity, by making eyewear that makes the wearer feel comfortable in spite of having to wear glasses. A frame so light and perfectly fitted you barely notice it, with a customised design that suits you - sleek, elegant, invisible - or colourful, playful and bold.


Bridging the gap between the bay and the city, “Dokk1” brings to mind what used to be the purpose of the area: docks for shipping, which is also resembled in the ship-like shape of the construction.







Below decks, Elmgreen & Dragset’s art installation Magic Mushrooms beautifully illustrates how Dokk1 is integrated in the city, and how it has upended the way we think of libraries.








Sketched by Aarhus-architects, Schmidt Hammer Lassen, the design of Dokk1 is far more futuristic than it is classic, nevertheless, it follows the minimalist traditions of Danish design. Constructed in sustainable and durable materials such as concrete, stainless steel, wood and glass, the expression is modern, minimal, raw, yet refined.









With this we finish the #OurAarhus series. We hope you enjoyed seeing Aarhus through LINDBERG-eyes.