8586/SC80 – K266/P60/SL54

Femme Fatale –
a dramatic look

Indulge in the retro look of a true Femme Fatale. The classic female archetype known from crime novels and cinema of the 1930’s-1950’s is often associated with mystery, danger and sensual allure. Their look is defined by the film noir wave that brought a very distinct aesthetic with it.

8586/SC79 – K24/U38/SL18

8586/SC79 – K24/U38/SL18

A colourway of black, white and a touch of red gives the series a dramatic and elegant look. The shapes are either bold, cat-eye or oversized with a joint characteristic: they are all dangerously eye-catching.

1047/AK18 – K24-GT

Embrace the power of strong feminine shapes and elevate your look with our bold designs. Our glasses are sure to fit in with the monochrome style of a modern femme fatale.

6587/C01 – U33/GC92

9728/408 – U33/K258/GC92

A pair of LINDBERG glasses always come with killer details such as screwless hinges and a tailormade fit.

1047/AK18 – K24/GT

2406/600 – P10/U38

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